Group hug!

As promised a quick photo of my Girlfriends 'Nid army.  

I'm afraid it's not the best of pictures being it was a struggle to get them all in. Not sure of the points value, but it's quite a few.
I still have to paint a Hive Tyrant (to go with the Tryrant guard already finished), 2x Biovores and 2x Hive guards all of which I've assembled.  Also in the pipe line are a box of Gaunts and a pair of 'fexs which she has yet to assemble.

Death from the deep!

One of the reinforcements for my other halves 'Nid invasion is this Trygon / Mawloc.  Don't ask me which one I built - I just used the coolest combination of parts in the box!  Not very "fluffy" I know but I like the final result.  As per my earlier post, I completed a few more of the details on this model by painting the eyes, mouth and teeth.  Still speed painted in the same general scheme.  

Speedy 'Nids

Here is a sample of the Tyranid army that a recently speed painted for my girlfriend.  Looking at them now I think I would have been better to spend a little more time on some of the details - picking out eyes, mouths, teeth etc. but at the time I was quite pleased to get a large number of minis (over 100 of various sizes) painted in a short period of time (less than two weeks).  
Overall as my first stab at speed painting I'm pretty happy with the result, and on the board they look an imposing sight.
Hopefully I can have a group photo up shortly!