Long time no post - Work in progress Orks.

Okay - forever since an update.  Quick change of direction and a couple of snaps of my (very) WIP looted Ork Rhino with Forgeworld Kil Kannon, for my WIP Ork army.  
The top deck (the piece that has the Kil Kannon on it) will be interchangeable with an orky hatch so that the rhino can be played without the Kannon.
I'm currently unsure of which clan to go for - I've got an Ultrasmurf marine army in the pipeline so deathskulls are out (too much blue on the table), I like Bad moonz but my boyz are all geared up for stompin' in close so I might have to plump for Goffs... up in the air at the minute.

I also have a Big Zappa armed looted rhino in the works too - you never know I might get some pictures up before Christmas...

Until next time (hopefully not six months...!)