Dystopian wars first game post match analysis.

Okay, so after painting up my DW KoB fleet I had my first game at my local club yesterday. Unfortunately for my British fleet it was more of a Coronel than Trafalgar! 
Whilst it was somewhat disappointing to have my fleet annihilated by the EoBS (and annihilated is undoubtedly the right adjective) I am confident that it was the quickest way to learn some valuable lessons for future games.

Ork army painting tracker

As I may have mentioned (and may have been observed) I'm not the greatest at getting models finished and on the table.  
To try and spur me into finishing my long term 40k Ork army, I've scheduled a game early next year against my brothers Tyranids.  The rules are quite simple - 2000 points, but anything not painted can't be played.  If that means either of us can't field 2k, then tough - you go short and the opponent can field their full 2k (assuming it's all painted).
In order to spur me further (and try and keep me on track), I've come up with a little paint tracking poster.  Showing everything I have to get painted, the models start off grey, progress to coloured when started and gain a tick when completed.  
Consequently the un-started army looks like this...

And the finished army will look like this...

Currently my progress is somewhere around here... 39 minis started (I've not included primed minis - there's another fifty or so of those)
So you (and more importantly I) can see that there is quite a way to go yet....

DW fleet expands - Battleships, Destroyers and Frigates.

Really on a roll with the Dystopian wars stuff...

First up is the Majesty class Battleship Agincourt  - I plan for her to have two sisters Crecy and Cravant.

Next up we have three destroyers - not sure what these will sail under but as I've decided to go for the Indomitable, Indefatigable etc. for the cruisers this frees up some of the other names - Revenge, Renown and Repulse or Vengeance, Vanguard and Victorious.

Finally I have the nine Frigates - these will be ArunAvon, Tamar, Taw, Exe, ParrettLea, Stour and Nene (with the possible additions of Wye, Dee, Ribble, Aire, Ure and Eden if I buy / build them)

None of these are quite finished yet - still need stuff like ensigns and general touch ups. I've also had to borrow two turrets from the Cruisers for the Battleship as I'm a couple short at the minute.
Once these are out the way I have six of the Orion escorts to paint and I've just ordered a submarine and my Flagship dreadnought.

Ork boyz under way

Another quick update tonight - a single image of the first of my Ork boyz coming along.  Primed, airbrushed undercoat for the skin then a couple of washes to build up the skin tone.  Whilst they won't be as "speed painted" as the 'Nids below, I won't be spending forever on each mini as I've 2000 points to paint for a game in January and what doesn't get painted isn't allowed to play!