Threatened DW Cruisers materialise!

Okay, so I finally finished my first Dystopian Wars Models.  In fact not only have I managed to complete one squadron - I've managed to complete two!

Not sure what names they are going to sail under - I have thought of giving all six names on the same basis - I was thinking Indomitable, Inflexible, Illustrious, Indefatigable,Invincible and Implacable or to split the names between the two squadrons - for example one squadron of Renown, Repulse and Revenge and the second of Vengeance, Victorious and Vanguard.  Answers on a post card....

I still have nine (or maybe ten) frigates to complete, along with a battleship and three destroyers.  I also have escorts on back order and then the fliers to complete...

More Dystopian WIP

Some more test stuff for Spartan Games Dystopian Wars (I have now actually finished painting one whole cruiser!).  This time it's some rough sketches of some concrete pens for my Brittanian fleet.  Largely along the lines of the huge German U-Boat pens of the second world war - the idea is to provide a home away from prying airborne eyes and air raids for some of the smaller vessels - I plan to go up to cruiser size.

Dystopian wars terrain test

Three quick shots of some terrain test pieces for Spartan Games excellent Dystopian Wars.  I'm Messing about with cork for cliff faces and rocks to be used on island terrain pieces.