Threatened DW Cruisers materialise!

Okay, so I finally finished my first Dystopian Wars Models.  In fact not only have I managed to complete one squadron - I've managed to complete two!

Not sure what names they are going to sail under - I have thought of giving all six names on the same basis - I was thinking Indomitable, Inflexible, Illustrious, Indefatigable,Invincible and Implacable or to split the names between the two squadrons - for example one squadron of Renown, Repulse and Revenge and the second of Vengeance, Victorious and Vanguard.  Answers on a post card....

I still have nine (or maybe ten) frigates to complete, along with a battleship and three destroyers.  I also have escorts on back order and then the fliers to complete...

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  1. Hi Richard, they are awesome. Well done with the spray job!