DW fleet expands - Battleships, Destroyers and Frigates.

Really on a roll with the Dystopian wars stuff...

First up is the Majesty class Battleship Agincourt  - I plan for her to have two sisters Crecy and Cravant.

Next up we have three destroyers - not sure what these will sail under but as I've decided to go for the Indomitable, Indefatigable etc. for the cruisers this frees up some of the other names - Revenge, Renown and Repulse or Vengeance, Vanguard and Victorious.

Finally I have the nine Frigates - these will be ArunAvon, Tamar, Taw, Exe, ParrettLea, Stour and Nene (with the possible additions of Wye, Dee, Ribble, Aire, Ure and Eden if I buy / build them)

None of these are quite finished yet - still need stuff like ensigns and general touch ups. I've also had to borrow two turrets from the Cruisers for the Battleship as I'm a couple short at the minute.
Once these are out the way I have six of the Orion escorts to paint and I've just ordered a submarine and my Flagship dreadnought.

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