Has it really been a year?...

Whoah, so much for "I plan to post shots of each unit over the next few days" from my 2K Orks V 'Nids smack down... - doesn't time fly when you're having fun?
Okay so a quick overview on what I've been up to over the past year (hobby wise)
  • Joined the committee of my local games club "Jersey Privateers"
  • Visited "Salute 2012"
  • Built a 4 x 4 Flames of War Normandy display table
  • Visited Games Day 2012 and made the finalists cabinet (whoop!)
  • Didn't buy anywhere near as many models as I did in 2011 (double whoop)
Hopefully I can post a bit more on each of these over the next, well, sometime!
My next project is an entry for Salute 2013 painting competition - which will be a 1/35th Panther G with all the trimmings.

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