So after getting my Orks to a playable state, my next 40K project is an Ultramarine strikeforce.  I'm not sure how many points this will weigh in at - the point count seems to rack up at quite a rate with marine based armies - but my aim is to kit bash and convert as many of the figures as possible to hopefully end up with as unique a force as is practical.

Whilst I plan on making figures I can play with, this is for me a painting and modelling exercise, with "the rule of cool" being paramount. Consequently it may not be the most effective force on the table top - but by the Emperor it will look the part! :-)
First up is my potential Captain, although the more I look at his weary face (and further to comments from club members) the more I think he is a bodyguard or champion - weighed down with the responsibility of keeping his Captain alive.

Next is what will probably be an assault marine Sergeant - again not sure yet. I'm a big fan of the assault marine "running" legs and plan on using them both for jumpers and at least one "action pose" squad of tacticals.

Finally we have my Chaplain.  This will be based on the excellent work by Ron over at From The Warp (check this site out if you're not familiar). If my Chaplain can get anywhere near to this level I'll be more than chuffed.

This force is part of a painting initiative that I have running at my local games club, and GPGC members will be able to view more updates on The Flying Colours forum.

Comments and critique welcome.

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