Flames of War Normandy Board

Okay, so I mentioned this quickly below as one of my achievements for the past year.  Basically it was a 4x4 board that was built for a display game that our club put on at a local fair. Buildings (landmark) and trees were kindly lent to us by club members, whilst the club captain and myself designed and built the boards themselves. Miniatures are all painted by club members.

The board is a fictional village set just outside of Breville, Normandy around the 8th to 13th of June.

British Paras supported by a RM Centuar.
Overview of the board.
For our next table we have a cunning way to hide the joints.
Germans ranged in by British Mortars :-)
British Re-enforcements.
PZIV making its way past the Hauptmanns lodgings.
RAF Typhoons on the hunt
British Paras move off down the Normandy lanes
Atmospheric shot of PZIV


  1. Richard, it's great to see these pictures up on your blog site. Will we be seeing more of your entry for Salute on Plasticbasher?

    1. Thanks Richard.

      With regard to the Salute build, I do hope to put some in progress work up, as I complete it. In the mean time I've put the first snaps of all the bits that I've collected for it over on theflyingcolours forum (see either the FB page or yahoo group for details).